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Read the Story That Inspired the Documentary

Producer and Director Matt Spangler was inspired by a 2009 article in The Washington Post that looked at elderly men in a village in Congo that served with the Belgian forces during the war. The idea sat with him for three years, until 2012, when he began contacting veterans organizations around the globe to try and locate any surviving veterans. By the end of the year, he had made contact with several veterans living in London, Johannesburg, and Malindi, Malawi.

Here is the story …

Fascinating Footage of Africans Making ‘Deadly Weapons of War’

Check out this amazing footage our Executive Producer, Amori Langstaff, recently uncovered on the British Pathé web site of South Africans manufacturing spears for use as “the deadly weapons of war.” Most likely they were used by black African sentries “on the march” to guard bridges and installations that would likely never be attacked during the war …